We ask that you obtain Cycling BC Memberships on-line before giving us your club membership form.  Membership dues will be accepted at any club event. Cash and cheque will continue to be accepted throughout the year for the Club portion of the Insured Member fee ($10) or the Supporting Member ($20).

Insured Members

Insured Members ($10) are members who also currently (2018) hold a Cycling BC Membership. Insured Members are voting members that are insured for personal injury and liability (through Cycling BC) and therefore can attend Club Group Rides, Cycling Events, and Trail Days. If you wish to ride with other clubs (e.g. UROC) you will need to upgrade your Cycling BC Membership to a Provincial Race Licence, which will also permit you to race in the local race series (Island Cup MTB race series and Cross on the Rock Cyclocross race series).

  1. Get your cycling BC license online.  Print your card and/or receipt.

  2. Register on line, or -Bring $10 , your membership form, and Cycling BC card or receipt  to any club event. 


Supporting Members

Supporting Members ($20) are voting members who are NOT insured for personal injury or liability and therefore are unable to attend Club Group Rides, Cycling Events or Trail Days without first purchasing a Cycling BC Membership. Supporting Members can attend two (2) insured events (group rides/trail days) with a signed 2016 Cycling BC waiver, and are welcome to join all RCCC meetings and social events.

  1. Bring $20 and your membership for to any club event. 

Email us if you have any questions- We'd love to hear from you: