Taz is brushed out and ready to ride

Hey Riders, a great crew of volunteers recently brushed out the Taz trail from top to bottom and it's in great condition.   A recommended loop is to start at Lost Lake parking lot,  head up to Wileys and then on to Taz.   After this loop you might even find yourself wondering how Snowden has so much downhill trail!

1.  Head up Riley Lake trail to Gunbarrell

2.  Climb Gunbarrell to the road,

3. turn right on the road.. follow this to Wiley's woods

4. Take Wiley's down and turn right onto Enchanted Forest

5. Take  Enchanted back to the access road

6. Turn left on the road and follow it up to the start of Taz.   At the Taz start there is an old cedar log across the access road.